Clarifying an earlier statement, the Rossy Student Wellness Hub is now warning students about the dangers of huffing scented candles. 

One student exhibiting symptoms of depression said that she was urged to consider alternatives to counselling after learning that the Hub had a wait time of several months to see a psychologist. Suggestions given to her included journaling, yoga, and lighting a nice scented candle. “It started out as just burning a candle while I powered through six hours of reading, but now I can’t stop,” the student said, collapsing onto a $2000 couch in the Hub waiting area.

“We understand that there is a thin—some might say invisible—line between hygiene de vie and total nonsense,” said one Hub employee, “but we want to make it clear—we don’t believe there are any health benefits to huffing scented candles. If there were, trust me, we would already be promoting that as a substitute for counselling.”

Another Hub employee wanted to iterate that the Hub does not have the resources to treat students who have fallen ill after a bout of candle-huffing. “We are already at capacity,” she clarified, “so any student with candle-huffing-related illnesses will have to wait the same six weeks for an appointment as any other student.” 


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