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What a drag! Your old gambit of drinking a glass of wine before getting down to business on essays just made you sleepy. But watching the next few episodes of this Netflix show will definitely alleviate your anxiety and put you in the frame of mind for a writing grind!

In fact, extending this binge-watch to the next season will have the added benefit of elevating you to that intensely zen mode where you can free-associate ideas with ease. No better way to prepare yourself for draft-writing!

OMG I can’t believe they did that to her, WHAT EVEN???? I HAVE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN THE PREMIERE OF SEASON 4 !!

At 3 am, the fires of hell and/or the prospect of failing your class will motivate you to write like a person possessed. You’ll subsequently be able to hand in work you had no time to proofread: the ultimate way to impress your professor or TA!

Enjoy that A!

Disclaimer: The Why Intersection interviewed a cross-section of McGill TAs and, as it turns out, the ultimate way to impress 43% of them can be boiled down to the following two-pronged stratagem.

1) Corner them as they attempt to discreetly leave the classroom.

2) Bombard with questions… and never let them go.


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