(The McGill Tribune)

Young adult hormones, random sources of external validation and that low-level anxiety you get from avoiding actually working on your final papers are all potent aphrodisiacs. Never fear, cheeky readers – we’ve got your back with this list of prime McGill locations to literally get down on your back on 😉

The McLennan Staircase (Any Floor Works)

There’s a reason people are always sitting on its steps obstructing your safe passage. The McLennan staircase is an undeniable hotbed of sexual energy; students can’t help but get as close to it as physically possible.
One-up all those people enjoying the staircase on their own – bring your Tinder date to partake in its pleasures with you!

Under James McGill’s Watchful Eye

Nothing beats satisfying raw animal desires with the awareness that McGill’s long-gone founder’s metal eyes (as well as the eyes of all passing students and/or tourists) are on you!
Bonus points go to this spot for the possible presence of squirrels, which we all love having near our genitals.

The Redpath Library Women’s Washroom (Ground Level)

The sheer earthiness of this location is catnip for young bucks like you. Land one of the stalls that doesn’t close (fortunately the odds of this happening are a solid fifty-fifty) for the chance to broadcast your amorous activities and, hopefully, recruit further participants.


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