Happy midterms season! Take a shot of water every time one of these things happens to you on campus (stay hydrated, babes):

  • A campus squirrel gets dangerously close
  • You hope the samosa sale will still be there after your 10:30 class. It is not.
  • You overhear spoilers for the next episode of Riverdale
  • Your professor’s voice is overpowered by miscellaneous drilling
  • You make a pros/cons list for which class to skip in order to catch up on other class work
  • Someone is having a WAY too personal phone conversation in the library
  • You spot Confiture going for a stroll
  • The Sherb-University Tim Horton’s 3am shift worker knows your order
  • SSMU Drama™
  • Admin sends a very out of touch email to x-ALLSTUDENTSMCGILL@campus.mcgill.ca
  • You get by not having to buy the textbook for your class (x2 congratulations)
  • A clever weed pun in an email subject from a student group on campus
  • You find an excellent, quiet, and hidden bathroom on campus (x4 for peace)
  • You politely decline someone promo-ing a service or club on your way to class, and fret over the interaction hours afterwards
  • McLennan bathrooms smell like someone literally took a dump on the floor then poured a luke-warm Tim Horton’s coffee over it

May this quick list help you through midterms season with hydration and a cathartic laugh! Good Luck, McGallians!


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