Scientists in the chemistry and environment departments at McGill University have confirmed that incinerating plastic is, in fact, bad for the environment. Incinerating plastics at high heats causes them to release harmful dioxins, which are highly toxic to humans, as well as causing air pollution. Not to mention, it smells like ass. 

However, these scientists have also confirmed that there is one particular situation in which the burning of plastics can be permitted and, in fact, encouraged: the burning of Crocs. 

“It’s a service to the community,” one scientist (who wished to remain anonymous at the risk of offending volatile Croc owners) remarked. “Having to look at Crocs on human feet is a worse fate than anything the rapidly deteriorating environment could ever throw at us.”

The Why Intersection reached out to both Environment Canada, and the popular TLC show “What Not To Wear” for comment, and have yet to hear back from either. 


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