When the hyper-eager U0 student, Noah Jones, registered for a conference during add-drop, he thought he had planned everything perfectly. He had successfully registered for a Tuesday conference. It would start at 11:35 AM, that sweet spot between morning and afternoon. The sound of the TA’s name was pleasant. A bro he had met at a frat rush party was in the same conference section. Noah had a good feeling about this.

But there was one thing naive Noah did not consider: the location of his conference. Noah, who had just moved to Montreal from New York, did not know the symbolic meaning of EDUC 539. Noah, who had just graduated from high school 2 minutes ago, did not know about the horrors of McTavish. Noah, who had been too arrogant, did not know that one can only climb down McTavish, not the other way around.

Now in Week 10, Noah has attended a total of 0 conferences. He does not know what the Education building looks like in real life.

Noah had fucked up. Big time.


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