Some people crush on their peers; others bear torches for authority figures. Selena Obe Sesset, a U2 English Literature student, went all-in for the latter when she fell for the portrait of a young James Ferrier on the third floor of the Arts Building.

Selena’s voice trembled with emotion as she recounted how she met her current flame. Running late for a first conference in the Ferrier building, she’d opted for a shortcut she’d heard of – a mysterious passage on the upper floor of the Arts Building… Little did she expect to be greeted there by the sight of a rosy-cheeked James Ferrier. “It was love at first sight,” Selena wrote that very day in her Moleskine notebook.

Back home in California for the summer, Selena is finding it difficult to enjoy her well-deserved vacation. The struggle of this long distance relationship is real! How can Selena feel confident about her fledgeling love story when face time with James’ portrait is so much diminished? “It’s hard when I can’t look at him in person, you know,” she wistfully confessed. “His eyes have a soulfulness that pictures can’t quite capture.”

Ah, young love! Fingers crossed that Selena and Ferrier (22 October 1800 – 30 May 1888) will persevere through this test of commitment!


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