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Feel like all your friends and family are trying to pressure you down a dark path? Take your life into your own hands by trying these 5 ways to say ‘no’ to grad school.

  1. Make up an excuse: Next time your friends try to get you to go to grad school with them, find a way to remove yourself from the conversation. Try “sorry, I would, but my mom is making dinner tonight!” Nobody will question that your mother lives 3,000 miles away.
  2. Practice self-defense: Is your family luring you down a dark alley toward your university’s admissions office? Get away by eliminating them one by one. Show no mercy!
  3. Take a vacation: Get off the grid! Discover yourself! How could you possibly be sending in grad school applications from the middle of the forest?!
  4. Get a job: lol
  5. Okay nevermind maybe you should just go to grad school. I mean at this point what the hell else are you gonna do? You’re 22, you have no ambition, goals, or personality and you haven’t heard back from any of the 87 jobs you applied for. Time to throw in the towel, bud. Let’s be honest, you never did have any agency in the first place.


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