To the great deception of many horny teenagers visiting YouTube to watch their favorite influencer’s new video, Ashley_from_Florida’s most recent vlog didn’t feature any bikinis, tanning session, beach clip, pool shooting, bra-shopping or anything based on looking at her body in an objectifying way. Unsurprisingly, her YouTube account lost around 48,000 subscribers in the few hours following the release of the new video. 

14-year-old Vincent, who “visits Ashley’s insta every night before going to sleep”, shared with us his reaction to this news. To him and most of the YouTuber’s fanbase, seeing their precious Saturday morning be ruined by a video about “climate change and the necessity of action or something” is a “major bummer”. 

In horror, Ashley jumped into action and erased every trace of the video from her social media accounts. Sunday morning, she announced on Twitter she was working on a “sexy lil project for next week”, and immediately regained all the YouTube subscriptions she had lost. Sadly, the planet died the very next day. 


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