In terms of social and academic life, September is known to be an extremely busy and fun-filled month, perfect for new beginnings. As if things weren’t already going to be wacky enough these next few weeks, this September the Virgo New Moon will shake things up and/or stir up some trouble, and ironically, force us all to embark on some new personal journeys.

Aries: You’re feeling PRETTY nerdy, aren’t you. That’s okay, people will only be teasing you because the rest of us wish we had your determination to have such pretty colour-coded binders and cue cards on the summer readings your professor sent you. Keep it up.

Taurus: You’re set to enjoy all the flavours of life this September. You’re going to be super joyful and excited about everything so go nuts and spend every night at OAP.

Gemini: Oh ya baby, you’re going to meet a Hot N Fresh group of people who will make your September great and might just become some of your closest friends at McGill yet—if you keep your mind open to it!

Cancer: Stuff certainly is wacky for you right now! Count to ten, go for a walk, write a letter and throw it out, you’ll be ok.

Leo: New school year, new you am I right? Be selfish this month! Think about what’s best for you and go out and get it, pal.

Virgo: It’s your month, my dude. Big changes r gonna happen. Rock on!

Libra: Keep your mind open to changes in relationships. Your summer fling may have to turn into a summer flang (This is past tense meaning you’ll break up) and maybe you’ll meet your new soulmate ????

Scorpio: This month is all about conquering your fears no matter how big or small. Do it, you’ll feel great!!!!! Personally, my biggest fear is mascots but I’m not a Scorpio so thank god I don’t have to deal with them yet.

Sagittarius: You have big dreams, buddy!!! Make a dream chart and map out some stuff rather than just ignoring the actual process and hoping everything works out.

Capricorn: Your friends are going to annoy you. But you will probably annoy them too. Hug it out.

Aquarius: You’re going to have to be honest with some close people in your life about negative things you’re feeling but ur probably not gonna do that.

Pisces: Some shit from the past is likely to resurface this month and may cause you some distress, buy a face mask or something.


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