(Christopher Li for The McGill Tribune)

Earlier this week, Columbia University announced the addition of a new category for their world-renowned Pulitzer Prizes: “SSMU Op-Ed”. The new award will join existing categories including “Investigative Reporting,” “Feature Writing,” and “Literally Anything Ira Glass Does.”

“You know, the Oscars introduced their whole ‘Most Popular’ category or whatever, so we figured we’d just do the exact opposite,” a member of the Pulitzer Prize Board commented.

“We’ve seen a huge influx in commentary pieces on the SSMU recently, so it only seemed fit that we finally gave the authors the validation they so clearly want,” they continued. “I have no idea what this ‘SSMU’ is, but based on the op-eds, I’m guessing it’s some sort of international human rights organization? God you imagine if it was like a student union and these people took themselves that seriously?”


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