They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – and come every Friday, Bar des Arts wreckage is turned into one resourceful McGill student’s SNAX coffee fund!

U2 English Lit major Hannah Goldsmith is now well into her second year of paying for her coffee with the mounds of change left in the Arts basement every Thursday night.

“This one time I woke up in the AUS lounge with a raging hangover,” Goldsmith said. “I flopped onto the ground trying to find my phone and that’s when I felt not just beer-sticky floor under my palms but also moneyyyy!”

Intrigued, though still in the full throes of regret over her choice to have that last Smirnoff cooler, Goldsmith investigated further. She left no sofa unturned in her dedication to the cause.

“All in all, I collected enough coins to get coffee at SNAX that day,” Goldsmith confided. “It was such a thrill, I got hooked. I’m a regular now.”

Hannah proudly added that she occasionally garners sufficient funds to visit her family in Ottawa on the weekends.


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