While speaking at a “Yes to Life” conference in Rome, the titular “Life” of course a reference to the iconic Quaker Oats breakfast cereal, Pope Francis compared having an abortion to hiring assassin Arya Stark of HBO’s hit Game of Thrones.

“Man, she’s just so cool!” the Pope exclaimed to his audience. “Whenever she popped out to kill someone it used to be such a plot twist, I couldn’t even,” he continued, gesticulating wildly to express amazement. “On the other hand, this season, whenever you thought someone was supposed to die at her hand she never showed up. It’s kind of like how, six months from now, abortions will virtually be a no-show in Alabama! Bit of a bummer, really – I was looking forward to seeing that spunky Stark girl gruesomely dispatch some more nobles.”

Pope Francis then went on to compare character assassination in the later seasons of GoT to actual assassination rates in Colorado. What a wacky guy! Good to know that when his similes associate abortions and hitmen it has nothing to do with voicing opinions about how women should be forced to carry unwanted and/or dangerous pregnancies to term, LOL!


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