Yesterday, a POC raised their hand during class and when called upon, started a sentence with the most dreaded words one could hear at 8:30 in the morning — “just to play Devil’s advocate”. Immediately an uncomfortable silence fell upon the lecture hall as white students quietly exchanged glances of shock and disgust. The professor himself was speechless for a full minute before stammering through a few loosely strung together words on being respectful, listening to each other, and safe spaces. 

Class was dismissed early, but recordings of the incident have found their way on to Facebook where the Anglo Students Society (ASS) has claimed it to be a “blatant and painful example of cultural appropriation.” 

Their statement explains that “the Devil’s advocate has historically been and will always be white, and it is shameful that oppressed groups think they have the right to claim what is maybe the only cultural artifact that white people have left after the end of colonization other than Panera Bread and The Beach Boys.” 

Shockingly, McGill administration has not yet commented on the event.


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