Local student, Max Warren, at (That Weird Elementary School Next to McGill), aged 9, said he was inspired to make a difference after the entire third grade went to the climate strike in March and September. 

Tearfully, he explained that a man kept on staring at him, writing down notes. A handful of passersby would come by smile, take a brownie, and give their spare change to help baby koalas who were suddenly orphaned during the recent outbreak of bush fires. 

Miss B usually warns us to watch out for weirdos like that, and before I knew it he kicked the table down and took the money jar for something called a fine. I think I have a court date now. I don’t know what that means. 

Jean-Luc De Michel commented “It’s not political, it’s just that [organic dark chocolate, with sugar, flour, eggs, and butter] pose an incredible danger to public health that we can’t risk.” 

De Michel continued, “Vaccines… the dangers are still unclear- so bake sales are where we, as a municipality- draw the line.” 

The Montreal Public Health Bureau declined further comment, citing that illicit baked goods are against by-law SMD6969.


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