(Dreamstime) + some edits

“Can we get a grading rubric for the term paper?” asked the eager U0 in a conference.

“Oh. Uhm. Ok. So, Professor Fortier said she would be handing out the rubric at the end of Week 7,” the TA answered in distress.

“But we’re in Week 9 now.”


Teaching Assistants. Who are they? Why do they exist? What is their role? What exactly are they assisting with? There are so many questions and not enough answers. The student-teacher hybrid, called Teaching Assistants, are meant to help professors and students with the instruction and evaluation of the course.

But the reality is, TAs are basically like undergrads in their 9th year. They look as lost as a U0, but their sense of style and distressed faces show hints of old age.

TAs are as confused as we all are. TAs are over it. Don’t let their title fool you.


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