After receiving an email that McGill students who have frequented the Wellness Centre may have come into contact with Mumps, students are feeling concerned but honestly, not surprised.

The email, sent to those who received the Student Wellness Hub in the last couple of months, indicated that those students visited the Centre on a day that exposure to the virus was possible and that symptoms of Mumps could develop until February 7th, 2020. The email closes by stating that, if students show symptoms of Mumps, they should consult a doctor or go back to the Wellness Hub to spread the disease a little more.

While many frequenting the Hub have stated that they’d really just like to deal with their stress, McGill has indicated that perhaps a little disease might serve as a distraction, thus decreasing students’ stress.

After all, why not add to students’ distress and challenges by adding in the pressure of handling disease?


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