After running out of free condoms, McGill Health Services has come out to endorse No Nut November to limit transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as a way to lower the possibility of November pregnancies.

Considered one of the “Great Challenges” (along with the Tide Pod Challenge and the Cinnamon Challenge), No Nut November was founded in November 2017. Although a challenge that takes immense willpower and can be extremely dangerous, McGill Health Services tell students that they will be with them at every step of the way until their condoms are back in stock.

According to multiple sources who successfully completed No Nut November last year, they have reached, “a spiritual climax” and “full sensory control.” Some even observed “levitation abilities” after the month was over.

To learn more about No Nut November x McGill Health, contact McGill Health Services and ask them for their No Nut November pamphlet!


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