Tucked away on the 4th floor of McConnell Engineering Building lies a little known lab, where a group of crack McGill students and professors are conducting groundbreaking research in attempt to reinvent the Samosa.

“We have found that the tastiness of the Samosa is directly proportional to the number of vertices it has,” Rishab, a U4 Mechanical Engineering student explained. “However, if we have too many vertices, we compromise the structural integrity of the food. Currently we’re aiming to make it a Rhombitriangular-hexagonal prismatic honeycomb.”

The project, however, is far from uncontroversial. Four months behind deadline, and $43,000 over budget, the team is struggling to make ends meet. Ironically, they run frequent (triangular) samosa sales to attempt to cover costs.

“We really think our improved samosa will revolutionize the way the samosa industry operates, and we hope that it would open doors for further food-shape engineering,” Dr. Hill, head honcho of the research project said. When asked about future projects, he says “We’re very focused on the samosa for now, but there has been talk about square donuts in the lab. Nothing is off the table.”  


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