(McGill Reporter)

A sizeable donation to McGill recently led to a name change (complete with ceremony) for “Biggest Donor,” formerly known as the Arts Building. Local restaurant chain Pushap—well-known amongst McGill clubs as a reliable samosa provider—was greatly inspired by this series of events.

“Both of our locations have been fined for health violations,” Pushap reps freely admitted when The Why Intersection reached out for comment, ”and some folks don’t seem to be able to get past that. Getting a school building named after our business will give us just the touch of legitimacy and air of goodwill we need for customers to forget our history of fines for improper storage of produce!”

And so it was that the restaurant chain set out on its own courtship of McGill. Pushap reps began their mission by plying all members of the administration with a lifetime supply of samosas. 

”Soooo tired” of Suzanne Fortier’s recommended daily diet of student tears, most of the admin staff gasped gleefully when the smells of fried dough and tamarind sauce entered their offices. Through tears of joy, they reached a mutual consensus: it was high time for another on-campus rechristening.

Dawson Hall, home to on-campus academic advising services, is to be renamed “A Samosa a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” on April 23th.


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