This fall, McGill University will be awarding its very first honorary degree to an inanimate object. 

The stationary bike, located in the Brown Student Services building, will receive a PhD in Psychology for its extensive work in bettering mental health and wellness throughout the McGill community. “This hardworking, dedicated machine has single-handedly carried the entirety of counselling and psychiatric services for many months,” a university statement reads, “its contributions to mindfulness, awareness, presence, meditation, self-reflection, and calf strength have touched the entire student body.”

One undergraduate student explained, “Every time I go to the Wellness Hub to wait six hours for my medically necessary, life-saving prescriptions, I walk past that stationary bike. Its dedication inspires me to stay strong, even when my psychiatrist leaves my pharmacist on read.” 

The bike was not available for comment, as it is eagerly awaiting its first rider.


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