So, that guy you’ve been talking to lately invited you to come over and chill with him and his boys. And yes, you can definitely bring some of your girlfriends. It’s gonna be a small thing, really chill you should definitely reach aha. A typical arrangement. But you ask yourself: Is this going to be a party? Or is it just going to be six dudes sitting on a gross couch with a bong while the “Fucking Problems” music video is being Chromecasted on a busted TV?

Before you come to a conclusion, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why did he ask you to bring other girls?

Is he genuinely interested in getting to know the other women who support you in your life? Maybe he hoped to add more female energy to his get together, or maybe this is an aspiring orgy.

2. What sort of pictures does he post on his story?

Are they photos of exciting food, friends, or highlights from the day? Or are they slow motion videos of him hitting bowls with a timestamp of 2 a.m., reminiscent of a late high school burnout flexing that they smoke weed and lamenting that their mom’s a bitch?

3. When did he tell you about this small thing that’s really chill?

Was it a few days ago, proving that he has given his soiree some thought and effort? Or was it less than an hour ago, possibly in response to the spontaneous idea of a group of stoned and emotionally absent men hoping to add some hot babes into the mix?

Either way, if you decide to go be sure to be safe and have fun! Just make sure not to suggest they play music by any female artists; in this particular culture that is very insulting to the host.


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