Hey NUMTOTs!!! 😛

Public transportation is great, but is loving it a personality trait? Probably not. Check out these three tips on how to appreciate public transportation without making it Your Whole Thing.

  1. Establish boundaries with your bus driver. Instead of thanking them when you leave, look them in the eyes and try saying “You are a service provider and I am a consumer. Our relationship is purely predicated on the exchange of commodities. Have a nice day.”
  2. Dispose of any public transit-related memorabilia you may own. Instead, buy clothes, posters, and stickers that really scream, “Yeah, I like mixed-use land development, but I’m not going to rant about it in a 10-part Instagram story.”
  3. Leave NUMTOTs and drop your Urban Systems minor. If you’re really committed to the full cleanse, this step is a must-do.


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