His chug, which can really only be described as very eager sipping, clocks in at around 12 seconds on average. Even after spending weeks watching Youtube videos by burnt-out 40-year-old men who peaked in college, and reading WikiHow articles written by 14-year-olds who have yet to touch alcohol or be invited to a party (in incognito mode of course), he hasn’t been able to crack under 10 seconds. He claims he once hit 11 seconds when he was alone practicing in his basement in Laval but no one really believes him.

Unfortunately, all of the science games interest forms on the Facebook groups he kept begging to join don’t have options above 5 seconds so he put down 3-4 seconds just to be safe. He’s just hoping everyone will be too drunk and horny to notice and you know what, they definitely will be. Fingers crossed he’s not on your team!


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