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The interviewee has asked to remain anonymous due to safety concerns.

What does McGill Clinic mean to you?

McGill Clinic is the best thing that’s happened to me. My 6-month journey interacting with rude and inefficient staff has been such a learning experience. I learned that clinics call people patients because people are forced to be extremely patient. McGill Clinic has taught me what true patience is and I am so thankful for that.

What was your appointment process with McGill Clinic?

It took me 3 months to book an appointment for a routine STD check-up. During these three months, I struggled with a variety of issues. My calls went straight to voicemail. When someone did pick up, I was put on hold until the next day. When I went to the clinic in person, I was told that I was too late—it was 8:13 AM. The rest is history.

How did you react when you found out you had Hepatitis B?

I was in shock. I mean, I thought I had chlamydia. Hepatitis B was, honestly, such a surprise. I would have never guessed it. I immediately called my best friend, the woman who made the McGill Clinic voicemail greeting. I was fortunate enough to get a quick appointment. I only had to wait 2 months this time.

What happened to the virus?

I didn’t know this before, but apparently, most adults infected with acute Hepatitis B are able to fight off the virus, unless it is a chronic one. By the time I made it to the clinic after 2 months, my body had fought it off. This is what I tell my friends: I truly believe that I became a stronger person through my interactions with McGill Clinic. That strength extended to my immune system and my body became strong enough to cure Hepatitis B on its own.

Any last words?

I highly recommend booking appointments with McGill Clinic for people who struggle with anger and patience issues. And if you have Hepatitis B, just book an appointment with the Clinic. By the time you see a doctor, the virus will have cured itself.


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