“You know, I used to have a very strong Québécois accent when I first got into McGill, but now, it’s, like, completely gone,” claims Marie-Catherine, pronouncing twice as many Hs as the sentence actually contains.

“In fact, I’m often told by friends that if they were to meet me now, they never could guess French is my mom’s tongue!” she adds, her Os low-pitched for no reason.

“Oh yeah, no, we lie to her,” admits Jessie, Marie-Catherine’s McGillian friend. “We have to. We used to point out her mistakes and try to help her, but she’d get so self-conscious every time, she’d go mute for entire weeks, so we just roll with it now.”

“Sometimes, I go to Tim Horton’s and I order in English and no one says anything. I mean, they make me repeat four times and I rarely get the thing I ask for, but hey, everyone knows Tim Horton’s employees suck,” Marie-Catherine adds, rolling her Rs with full abandon. “Honestly, I think I might have to stop calling myself French-Canadian. I’m past that. Just call me Canadian, okay?”


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