It’s Thursday night. Everyone is tired from the week and dying to let loose. The group chat is blowing up with suggestions of places to go, things to do. However, one message in particular stands out:

“Guys let’s go to Tokyo! It’d be so jokes LOL!”


While most fourth-years have truly adopted the “fuck it” attitude through which they enjoy their final semester at McGill with reckless abandon, some things are still just too far. Carnival, drugs, tattoos, light misdemeanors, and skipping mandatory classes are one thing, but rolling up to party with a bunch of black-out making-out first years is simply another. One senior, Michelle Hoit, says one of her close guy friends has totally divided her friend group with his persistent weekly “ironic” proposition that always leaves everyone feeling old, creepy, and lame.

“I don’t understand why he’s still at it,” Hoit told us with concern. “It’s just creepy at this point. I mean, I guess he, like most of the rest of us, peaked in first year. But isn’t it time to move on?”

When we asked for an update, Hoit informed us that they ended up going to Ecole. Still not great, but at least it wasn’t Tokyo.


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