(McGill University)

Upon entering the washroom of her favourite McLennan library floor (obviously floor 5) on a rainy finals season Wednesday, Lakshmi Jadhav was stunned by the density of people per square meter.

“Are you guys chilling here,” she cautiously asked the five or six female-identifying individuals in front of her, “or are you waiting in line?”

At this point, the conversation took an unexpected turn.

“We’re literally just hanging!” cheerily responded one girl with a really dope mint green raincoat. “If you want to join in on our debate on the benefits of scamming Tinder dates for lunch, you’re like, super welcome to. We could totally do with a dash of devil’s advocate over here.”

Lakshmi, intrigued but too rusty in Tinder mechanics to feel free to jump in, politely refused. As of the Why‘s last check-in, she was still waiting in line to pee.


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