As first-year Dylan Powell woke up to the clamor of his friends moving out of Rez, it abruptly occurred to him that his “epic two-day Osheaga bender” must have taken place at OAP Lite.

Max Alderson, Dylan’s roommate as well as part of his OAP squad, believes that the wasted Powell mistook one event for the other due to their names’ similarity. “I mean, they do both start with ‘O’ and contain the same number of syllables. Either way, it was great hearing him reminisce fondly about meeting Chance the Rapper while it lasted. We’re all kind of bummed he finally realized the truth, to be honest!”

While some might feel strong embarrassment in such a scenario, Powell remains unfailingly positive about his experience. “It was still sick as hell my dude”, he wrote to our reporter. “Wish I knew where that $300 went though.”


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