The Why Intersection has recently concluded an investigation into reports claiming that the first-year student sitting at the back row of Leacock 132 during Organismal Biology may actually be a lost kid from the SSMU Daycare.

Suspicions first arose when the alleged infant started asking questions such as, “What noise tree make?” and “When we nap-nap?” during class. Further reports state that, while the infant has an iPad on hand, the infant seems to be watching Kinder Egg unboxing videos and episodes of the popular children’s show, Doc McStuffins.

Many students in the class deny the allegations that a toddler walks amongst them. Many in the class state that he is simply a normal freshman keen on asking questions and, as evident by the episodes of Doc McStuffins, an aspiring pre-med.

How the alleged toddler may have gotten into the classroom undetected remains a mystery, although Andrew Kleinkind, head of SSMU Daycare offers a plausible theory.

“There’s always the possibility of one of the SSMU toddlers becoming self-aware and escaping from the group during our daily walks.” Kleinkind states.  “We try our best to account for each and everyone of our kids, but they blend really well with the freshman on campus.”


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