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As students, we’re all excited to graduate because with graduation comes the most popular night of the year: Grad Ball!

Grad Ball is almost like a right of passage that tells students, “Congrats! You’re almost done with the best and worst four years of your life! Please get blacked out now and forget about all the horrible moments you had to go through at this institution!”

One student last year, ready to graduate and move on with her life, was hit with a complete shocker and found out she had to take an entire extra year to finish her degree. (I guess that’s what happens when you ignore advisor meetings for four years.)

Fortunately, that means this student got to ~re-do~ Grad Ball, giving her the chance to make up for her last Grad Ball, where she get insanely drunk, dumped drinks on people, had her boobs flying out of her dress constantly, and woke up with the “OMG what happened last night” fear.

However, this year, she managed to get way too drunk the night before, go to Grad Ball totally still hungover, stay sober, and look like the absolute chillest person at the party. Gotta love a good comeback season, no matter what led you there in the first place.


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