(Daniel Korsunsky)

After accusations of misogyny, Kappa Epsilon Gamma (KEG) began the semester with a fundraising event for a charity called Girls Who Aren’t Hot Enough To Get Free Drinks On Their Own, an organization founded by an ex-alum. Unfortunately, most of the profits went towards replacing the president’s Martha’s Vineyard cap which some lightweight threw up in and the Scarface poster that got torn apart by a coked-up first-year. 

In response to the backlash on campus, KEG pushed back with a new campaign titled, “Not All Frats (Specifically Not Us)”. They hosted a kickoff party this weekend, all donning matching pink bracelets and polos for breast cancer awareness month even though it’s December. As partygoers passed out one by one, frat brothers made a valiant effort to draw vaginas instead of the usual penises on their faces. One member even added the word “power” next to “pussy” which was scribbled across many foreheads. It was a powerful moment for everyone present (mostly MSERT), a scene that would have surely brought tears to the eyes of the Suffragettes. 


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