Since March 15th’s Climate Strike Walkout, many McGill students have continued to stand in solidarity and fight to demand climate action with Divest McGill every Friday. However, apart from the many students at McGill who have strived to create environmental and systemic change, some students, specifically Econ bros, remain unconvinced that they should attend these events.

One student, Bill Laundering, spoke to The McGill Daily about why he chooses to reject every opportunity he has to stand alongside his peers.

“Even if I wanted to go to Fossil Fridays or whatever, my eyes can’t look at the colour orange for that long. I hate that dumb colour. I exclusively like shades of blue, you know, the ones that represent conservatism and also the complete opposite of the red of communism. Those are the good colours.”

In addition to his view of avoiding the events for aesthetic reasons, Laundering also made some pretty questionable comments hinting that he doesn’t believe in climate change whatsoever.

“I stand by my opinion that these ‘standouts’ or ‘sitouts’ or whatever are dumb,” Laundering scoffed. “Why would I want to take an hour out of my week just to go watch some people talk about the stupid environment when I could be spending my morning interning at my dad’s construction firm? And not that I’m trying to be the devil’s advocate here but the environment is literally fine.”

Bill is annoying, don’t be like Bill. Head out to the Arts Building from 11:15-1:15 this Friday to fight for McGill to divest from fossil fuels.


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