Man, this is weird.

Vestavia Hills High School seniors (and second cousins) Todd Barrett and Rachel Bishop went to this years Senior Prom together. They weren’t even going to go to prom in the first place—their parents coaxed them into taking each other. And now here they are at the after-party, following a very fun but very tense prom experience.

Was it tense because they have chemistry, or because of the undertones of incest? We honestly can’t tell.

Everyone is hooking up in all the different rooms of this cabin, and now it’s just Rachel and Todd sitting alone in the living room. I mean, prom was really fun, and they’re only second cousins, so it’s not that weird. Or is it gross that they’re even thinking about it? Truly a moral dilemma.

They’re definitely into each other, right? And they managed to finish a Guinness between the two of them, so they’re fucking wasted. They barely saw each other growing up anyways, since they lived in different towns, so it’s not like they’re super close or anything. But they probably shouldn’t fuck, on principle.

Or should they? You’re only young once, and second cousins are barely related anyways. Is that just the Guinness talking?

This is really just so weird.

The cousins were last seen talking about how much they love Arrested Development,  inching close, but not too close.


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