Banana Boat Sunscreen logo designer Nicolas Yap was fired last month after intentionally switching out the letter “a” in the word “Boat” to an “o” in a sick, twisted, but inconspicuous attempt at propaganda for his avant-garde fashion line.

Yap has been a part-time shoemaker for the past eight years of his life. In the recent months, in an attempt to revamp the traditional Crocs style shoe, the American designer has been tailoring his hole-infested galoshes in order to replicate the pristine shape of the yellow fruit.

Banana Boat Sunscreen has since recalled the last 8,000 bottles throughout the United States, but refuses to address the issue of hysteria amongst citizens due to the incident. The company stated:

“We aren’t positive that the hysteria is in correlation to the logo on our sunscreen bottles. Why would anyone panic over such a trivial detail?”

However, floridian housewife Keightlynn Paris, mother of six, declared that she feared for the life of her children after accidentally exposing them to one of the tainted bottles.

“It is an outrage,” Paris said. “My children have since been repeating the famous two-line pun at summer camp, at home, and even at their great uncle’s funeral.”

Paris is now concerned that her children will waste their life away, failing through their classes, due to the mishap, not the fact that she hasn’t taught them the word “no.”


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