As an ode to the place where people still try and talk to you even if you’re wearing headphones, [Editor Emeritus] Grace Bahler and Catherine Morrison created The Why Intersection. Pure satire, no restraints, plain fun. If something upsets you, please post it online and start a Facebook argument; those are so entertaining and go nowhere. The Why Intersection is not in any way affiliated with McGill or SSMU.

Arts & Science: His name is Daniel Korsunsky but his friends call him very rarely.

News & Opinion: Madeline Wilson was named “most likely to be ejected due to umpire confrontation” by her 2009 little league coach and has let that one fact define her entire personality.

Abeer Almahdi is a U2 Arts student with daddy issues, a constant need for attention, and a struggling Instagram feed. She edits for the Opinion section of the McGill Tribune by day, and by night chooses to re-evaluate every decision she’s ever made.

Olivia Berkowitz is a basketball legend. Her arms are soooooooo long. Her chug time is 4 seconds (La Croix only).

Sanchi Bhalla is the world’s top buyer of novelty phone cases and the world’s worst banjo player.

Cole Otto is absolutely a staff writer and he’s really great at improv. He likes to drive. We wrote his bio for him.

Nicholas Raffoul is an avid napper, two-faced gemini, and sausage connoisseur. He puts the Gill in McGill: he’s a cold-blooded vertebrate who loves the water.

Maxime Scraire was born in Quebec at the tender age of 0. He studied at McGill and just graduated. He’s cool. He would like you to know that he continues to receive and not read the whatsnewstudents@mcgill.ca emails.

Lisa Vlasova has developed into a world-class taker of webcam selfies since the loss of her iPhone. Spot her on one of her late-night jogs and you might hear the sound of a disturbed soul laughing off regret over awkward things she’s said.

Graham Wiley Collector breastfed until he was four!

Danica Woychuk is likely on all fours at the book store searching for the rest of her manga collection. She’s a retired model turned geeky gurl, studying international development and globalization at UWUniversity of Ottawa.